TimeCertain technology solutions help enterprises generate, and ensure, content integrity spanning the entire information life cycle.

Time Stamp Generation (Fig 1):
  • Time stamp tokens (TST) are obtained for signed digital data (time stamping signed data (time stamping signed data provides robust source information)
  • Requestor submits a request to TimeCertain Time Stamp Authority (TSA) Proxy and receives a response containing a time stamp token
  • The request contains a digital signature of the digital data to be time stamped; signed data can be files (documents, records, metadata, streams, strings, objects, logs, etc.)
  • The TST is composed of the submitted digital signature, the TSA time element, and a cryptographic binding of the hash values to the time element, which provides authentication of the TSAto the requestor and the verifier.

Time Stamp Validation/Verification (Fig 2.)
  • Third Party sends TST and data to verifier
  • Verifier validates crypto bindings and digital signature of requestor using public key
  • Proof is provided that signed data existed at an accurate and reliable point in time.