Requirement: Generation of digital data having content integrity. Since digital data is not “born” with integrity, an integrity mechanism must be applied to computer created data when it is generated. This is turn requires demonstrability of both the accuracy of the time source used to association with files, logs, timelines, metadata, data objects, database elements, objects, instances, (i.e., any structured and unstructured data) as well as the trustworthiness of association of accurate time value with computer generated data at generation (or instantiation)

Policy and Business Drivers: Auditability (testability) of the association of the association of a reliable and accurate time value with digital data during period necessitate by business drivers. This requires that an enterprise be capable of demonstrating (rather than merely asserting) that data is what it purports to be, and is unchanged from the time of generation (or instantiation) and ultimate use. The following are just a few of drivers impelling enterprises to generate digital data with demonstrable content integrity -

Financial, Medical, and Goverment (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GLB, FFIEC, CFAA)
Regulatory - (21 CFR Part 11)
Enterprise Document Retention Policy
Litigation- Electronic Discovery, Duties to Preserve Evidence, Spoliation (Destruction) of Digital Evidence